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These are the different styles of beads that we offer.
To see all of the colors offered in a particular style:
Please Click on a picture below.

3 Styles of glazed beads: Round, Faceted, Garnet:

Round porcelain beads are the simplest form of beads we have.

Faceted porcelain beads, start out as round beads and then we slice each one to make the unique straight sides.

Garnet porcelain beads start as round beads and then we our unique cuts to get the garnet shape for each bead.

Marbleized beads - These are beads made from colored porcelain clay, some are a single color clay and others are two different colors of clay mixed together to give a unique color combination to our porcelain beads. These unique porcelain beads will come in 2 varieties: Glossy and Matt finish. We have a limited supply of this type of bead.

Spiral Beads: - all of the beads in this section are spirals. Some of them are marbleized and yet others just have oxides added to give our porcelain spiral beads colors like no one else's.


Oxided Beads: These beads are made from our unique porcelain recipe however instead of putting glazes on them we just use oxides to color them. The oxides just go down into the groves in the clay and leave the rest white. This gives us porcelain beads like no one else's.


All beads are hand-made and hand glazed, from our own porcelain recipe and glazed with our own original glazes. No extrusion or mass-production process is used. The pictures here are for you to use as a color guide there will be slight variations in color from time to time.


If you have any questions please contact us via e-mail.

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