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Bead Making Process

The pictures below give a brief outline of how we make each bead. Every bead is hand-made, hand glazed and then fired in our home-made kiln. 

rolling out the clayThe first step is getting the clay rolled out to the correct size and texture  to make beads from.



cutting out beadsNext step is to cut out lengths of clay in the correct size to make beads. (This is harder than it must get all of them approx. the same size). This is one of the reasons that each is unique in shape and size.



Cutting the clay to the correct sizeAlmost done cutting nuggets......well from this length of clay anyway! Can you image doing hundreds of them a day?



Pile of clay nuggestsHere is a pile of clay nuggets waiting to be made into all kinds of s. You can't let them wait to long or they will be to hard to shape into s.



Putting the hole in the Time to put the hole in the for the cord or chain to go thru. It has to be just big enough but not to big or the will break & if that happens you will half to start over.



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