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Terri Mayhew Wearable Art


Each piece of Terri Mayhew wearable art is made of "Quartzware," our own formula of ultra-high-fired (Cone 16- 2700 degrees Fahrenheit) porcelain. All component parts are fashioned one-at-a-time by hand.

All necklaces are adjustable to wear with any type of necklace by simply tying a knot behind the bead to shorten.

All of our jewelry is entirely washable: wash porcelain components with soapy water and a soft brush; wash cord with mild, soapy, tepid water...rinse...hang-to-dry.

If you have chosen one of our hand-wrought sterling silver/porcelain combination pieces, simply clean the silver with whatever silver cleaner you normally use- no type of cleaner will harm our porcelain beads in any way.

Light cleaning and maintaining of silver can easily be done by rubbing item with a paste made of baking soda and water...rinse...dry with soft cloth.

enjoying wearing our art!

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